Fishing the Wind

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Fishing the Wind

Postby gcf1 » Sat May 09, 2009 1:02 pm

The residents of Indianola, at least ones before the hurricane of September 1875, thought their town was positioned on the coast in an ideal location that was immune to such tropical disturbances. This theory was proven wrong again in 1886, when Indianola received a fatal blow that forced abandonment of the once great town. But, with a coastline running basically southeast to northwest, the western shoreline of Matagorda bay can offer protection from the wind to the flats from Indianola to Port O’Connor. Not just any wind, mind you, as winds from the north around to the southeast will bring waves to the shoreline and muddy the water. During a Texas spring, however, the wind can blow long and hard from the southwest, or the west, and during such periods the shoreline holds clear water and offers protection to boaters and kayakers.

The distance from Indianola to Port O’Connor is approximately 6 miles with continuous sand flats striped by sand bars running horizontal to the beach and extending far into the bay. Reds and trout are often found in the troughs between the sand bars. Reds are commonly caught in the shallows while trout are often located in water from waist to chest deep. This is a great area for kayakers, drifters and waders.

To access the flats, a ramp is conveniently located at the Indianola Fishing Marina situated at Powderhorn Pass. A ramp is also located further into Powderhorn Lake at the Powderhorn RV Park, about two miles from the Pass.

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